Episode 14 - An Interview with Cody Switzer, Chronicle of Philanthropy - PhilanthropyNEXT - Engaging Diverse Donors, Building A Diverse Staff, and Women's Philanthropy

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Our guest on The Philanthropy Podcast is Cody Switzer, Assistant Managing Editor and Director of Digital Products for The Chronicle of Philanthropy. Cody explores with us the upcoming PhilanthropyNEXT Conference and why it is increasingly important to engage diverse donors in support of our organization, the value a diverse staff brings to an organization's fundraising, and more. 

Our discussion with Cody reveals the way the Chronicle of Philanthropy approaches organizing the PhilanthropyNEXT conference, what attendees can expect to gain from attending, how to make the most of any conference you attend, and how nonprofits can improve our efforts in order to better engage and authentically appeal to diverse benefactors and staff members. The conference also features a special session on women's philanthropy and Cody discusses how attendees will be able to review their organization for implicit biases that might create obstacles to engaging women and their philanthropy. All that, a great podcast recommendation for fundraisers, and a 10% discount code for PhilanthropyNEXT can be found in our episode.

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