Episode 15 - An Interview with Andrew Means, Data Analysts for Social Good & Beyond Uptake - Using Data to Improve Nonprofits

Our guest on The Philanthropy Podcast is Andrew Means, Head of the Uptake Foundation and Beyond Uptake as well as founder of Data Analysts for Social Good. Andrew provides an incredible interview on data use in nonprofits, how we can move beyond using data only for final evaluations, and how to start building a culture of using evidence within your organization, and more. Andrew's conversation will be useful to nonprofits just starting to think about using data better as well as organizations with robust data programs considering how to improve and continue to lead.

Our show features Andrew sharing examples of multiple organizations that started using data and have made dramatic gains in their effectiveness because of it. While Andrew sings the praises of others, he humbly tells the story about how Data Analysts for Social Good began as a happy hour he organized in an attempt to build a community of like-minded people and has now grown into an international movement with over 900 members and a robust conference in the Do Good Data conference and a partnership with Stanford's Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society to put on the Digital Impact World Tour.

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