Episode 13 - 30 more high impact questions and 5 stewardship on a shoestring ideas

Today, our episode of The Philanthropy Podcast is a solo episode where I'll share 30 additional high impact questions to ask benefactors and prospects and 5 ways to say thank you at a very low cost. Also, learn about two causes to follow, one on Facebook and one on LinkedIn, to see great examples of social media use from patrons of the show. Hear this, how you can support the show, a book recommendation, and more in today's episode.

If you have high impact questions ideas or stewardship examples that can help a nonprofit stand out, please feel welcome to share them in the new Philanthropy Podcast LinkedIn Group, on our Facebook page, or on twitter where I'm @PhilanthropyPod. Also, if you enjoyed this show, please consider becoming a patron by supporting the show for as little as $1 per month to receive one of the nine remaining (as of 2017/07/03) mp3 files featuring 100 high impact questions recorded without commentary to aid in your preparation and execution of visits with benefactors and prospects. You can become a patron by visiting www.thephilanthropypodcast.com/awesome

Thank you and enjoy the show!

Today's Links:

St. Gregory's University, Oklahoma - LinkedIn examples

St. Mark's in St. Paul, MN - Facebook examples

The Go Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann (Affiliate link)