Episode 6 - Interview with Kara Buffardi, Craveity Marketing - Digital Marketing, Social Media, Email, and Websites

Have you wondered where the right place is to begin your digital marketing efforts? Do you feel overwhelmed when trying to maintain a presence online? Have you ever felt like your digital marketing could be more engaging and more personal? Then today's show with Kara Buffardi of Craveity Marketing will provide some advice you can put to use right away.


Our discussion with Kara offers some great advice on what you need to do before launching your social media and email efforts, how to create content that tells the story of your organization and the people who make its mission come to life, and how to be sure you're putting content out on each medium that is appropriate and reaches your audience in the way you want to engage with them. If you'd like to download Kara's free guide, click here: Say Goodbye to Social Media Burnout 


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There's not too many links to share from today's episode, but honestly, I do recommend trying to discover if there are any Meetups in your area. I love Meetup.com, attend meetups often, and recommend starting one if you don't see what you'd like. Feel welcome to send me a message and I'll share how to get 50% off the cost of creating a Meetup.