Episode 35 - The Joy of Fundraising - My Own Take on Why I Love this Career


This week, I’m going to go back to a topic that I interviewed a few guests about early on in the show, where we find joy in our work. As we near the end of many organizations fiscal years, that means reflecting on the year past, planning for the year ahead, and hopefully getting a jumpstart on some early success. Perhaps you’re coming off a great year where you hit your goals and then some, or you might be coming off a year where you came in under budget. Either way, it’s good to step back and remind ourselves why this work can be so meaningful and enjoyable. I interview Katy Hall about this topic in episode 3, John Chandler in episode 4, and Patrick Landry in episode 17, but today I'll take some time to give my answers to some of the questions I asked them and to reflect on some of the other reasons I love our work.


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Episode 3 - The Joy of The Ask with Katy Hall

Episode 4 - The Joy of this Vocation with John Chandler

Episode 17 - The Joy of the Story with Pat Landry


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