Episode 33 - An interview with Brian Gawor "The Giving Geek" & VP of Research at Ruffalo Noel Levitz - Modern Phonathons and How They Reinvigorate Your Fundraising

This week on The Philanthropy Podcast, Brian Gower, Vice President of Research at Ruffalo Noel Levitz discuss the modern phonathon and its place in your fundraising plan. Brian touches on what you need in place before launching your phonathon, how phonathons aid data collection, the returns you might expect, how to integrate the phonathon and social media, thank-a-thons, how your phonathon callers can build your pipeline to development staff hiring and more. If you think you know everything about the phonathon or think this fundraising tool is stuck in the age of landlines and boring scripts, listen to Brian and realize that like all programs, if your fundamentals are sound and you're willing to stay with the times, any program can be a success for your office.

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