Episode 18 - Growing Your Organization and Sharing Your Story - An Interview with Todd Bol, Little Free Library

Our guest on The Philanthropy Podcast is Todd Bol, creator and executive director of Little Free Library. Todd shares his advice from the growth of Little Free Library, how they collect and share stories from partners across the globe, and his advice for anyone who feels like they're close to quitting on a non-profit they've helped create or grow. Learning about Little Free Library is a great way to celebrate National Book Lover's Day today!

One item Todd and I don't specifically discuss, but which comes through in the interview and might be one of the most important lessons for fundraising professionals is the way that Todd uses stories to communicate his points and how he's able to tie Little Free Library's work to any number of stories and angles. As we think about how we present our stories, listeners will benefit from listening to how Todd and Little Free Library have adapted their story to appeal to many different audiences and to communicate many different aspects of their organization.

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