Episode 10 - An overview on high impact questions, what they are, why they're so important, how to use them, and more

Today, our episode of The Philanthropy Podcast is a solo episode where I'll be exploring high impact questions as a tool in a questioning strategy. The ability to ask the right questions and guide someone’s exploration of their philanthropic goals and intentions is a great skill to develop in major gift work, corporate relationships, planned giving, alumni relations, or any other fundraising role where it's important that you connect with people. So I’ll share a few high impact questions, but also we’ll explore why and how you want to use them and some lessons I’ve learned from finding guests for the show.

Some high impact questions translate well across all non-profits and I’ll share a few of those in the episode but before going through a much larger list in our next episode, I wanted to start by explaining why using high impact questions is important and what we’re hoping to learn when we use them.

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